MESC Subscription

From the printing press to your mail Box

    The subscription service is available in all MESC publications (Researches, Journal, The Strategic report). To subscribe just have a look on these services , then fill out the form. Your subscription will give you the best , special and direct privileges of MESC on-line services .

Subscription will be according to the following terms:

  1. Fellows (subscribers in the center’s fellowship) get 15% discount on the subscription fees assigned in the form.
  2. Free Members on-line get special 6% discount .
  3. The publication is expected to reach subscribers inside Jordan in a week’s time from the publication date and in three week’s time for subscribers outside Jordan .
  4. To put the subscription into effect , fill out the subscription form in one of the defined methods beneath, enclose the appropriate payment, and send it to us .
  5. Subscription is considered for the whole dated year regardless of the day and month .
  6. Any previous publications of the year are  included in your subscription .
  7. The dues include surface mail only .
  8. These terms are subject to any changes without prior notice.
  9. Your subscription should be reviewed annually . January of each year is the date to renew your subscription . If we didn’t receive the renewal notice and dues your subscription will be terminated by January 31.

Research and Studies

    The center is generalizing its  methodology and widening the users’ range of its activities and production to include academic establishments, research and studies centers, libraries, professors, researchers and educated people.   It has also adopted the subscription system in its publication of research and reviewed scientific studies . Subscribers will be provided with the center’s publications of research and studies throughout the year of subscription.  These issues will be sent directly to the subscribers as soon as they are published.

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The  Middle Eastern Issues Journal
     This journal deals with the current, up-to-date changes taking place in the Middle East region.  Specialists and scholars in the issues and alterations of the region participate in preparing the journal.  Added to the selection for each volume are two translations from Hebrew, English, or French about the current changes. MESC publishes 3-4 Issues yearly .  

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The Strategic Report

    It is an informative report treating one hot topic in the Middle East. Its area is the Middle East and the related international events . It is prepared by team of research assistants of political , economic ,law and social fields . One of the top specialist academics supervises and edit each report .  Its main audience / target are the Universities research centers , the concerned people in Middle Eastern events , states , parties , the decision makers in the area and the media in general . It aims to present the event as in its proper sequences , accurate and objective information . It can be considered a primary comprehensive source of information about its topic .

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Please make all checks and transactions payable to:

    The Middle East Studies Centre
    Account # 001190-95495-4-510 (USD)
    Account # 001190-95495-4-500 (JD)
    Arab Bank
    Abdally. Jordan

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