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RELIGION And POLITICS in the Arab World


Section 1:
     - The controversial disputes on religion and politics; the fears of the Islamic governance.
     - The controversial disputes on religion and politics.
     - The exchange of fears and the theory of exclusion and elusion.
     - Religion and politics: theory and implementation.
     - Who rules who: religion or politics?
Section 2:
     - Islamic movement vision: The role of religion in the upcoming Islamic state.
     - The civic state with Islamic reference.
Section 3:
     - Secularism and the religious reference in the west.
Discussions and conclusions
List of participants
English Abstract

  First Edition 2007

7 $

Pages 90 Monthly 48



Section 1: Overview the Intifadas of 1987 and 2000
Section 2: The Third Intifada.. Prospects and Opportunities
Section 3: The role of the Intifada in the Palestinian independence program
Conclusion and recommendations
List of participants
English Abstract

  First Edition 2007

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Pages 75 Monthly 49

Israel and the Arab Boycott


  • The Experience of the Arab Boycott on Israel (1948-2003)

  • The Development of the Arab Boycott: Theory and its Future

  First Edition 2006

8.5 $

Pages 199 Studies 47
Jihad Alqteet and others
Jewish Settlements and its Effects on the Future of the Palestinians


  • History of Settlements in Palestine and its Stages

  • Settlements in the Israeli Program

  • Settlements and the Palestinians

  • The Legal, Political and Military Effects of Settlements 

  First Edition 2006 12 $ Pages 265 Symposium  46
Editors: Dr Thyab Makhadma and Musa Al Dweik
Horizons of Reform and Democracy in Jordan


  • Political Reform: Effects of its Development Programs

  • Future Challenges of Democracy

  • Towards a Comprehensive Strategic Vision for Political and Democratic Reform

  First Edition 2006 8.5 $ Pages 219 Symposium  45
Ahmad Al Shonnak and others
Palestine Liberation Organization: Towards a Political and Structural Formation


  • Towards a Shift in the Work of the Palestinian Liberation Organization

  • Challenges of the Palestinian People Interests: Consequences

  • Towards a Structural and Political Formation Project for the PLO

  First Edition 2006 8.5 $ Pages 229 Symposium  44
Editor: Jawad Al Hamad
Reflections of the Regional and International Development on Arab -Israeli Relations


  • Arab-Israeli Conflict: Transformation for the 21st Century

  • Regional Developments of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

  • Development of the Arab-Israeli Relations: Important Agreements

  • Arab-Israeli Conflict in the Light of the Future Challenges and Transformations

  First Edition 2006 12 $ Pages 211 Studies 43
Kholoud Al Asmar
Palestinian Election
Conditions, Mechanisms, and Results


  • Internal Palestinian Conditions and Effects on the Election.

  • The Regional and International in the Palestinian Election

  • Mechanisms of Election Process

  • Possible Results of the Palestinian Election on the Local and International Levels

  First Edition 2006 6.5 $ Pages 182 Symposium  42
Ahmad Sa'eed Nofal and others
Society and Parliamentary Life in Jordan


  • Reading in the Results of the 14th Parliamentary Election 2003

  • Jordanian Parliamentary Election: Results and Indications

  • Views of the 14th Parliamentary Election

  • Society and Parliament  in the next Four Years.

  Second Edition 2004 9 $ Pages 105 Studies 41
Salah Abu Qdeeri and others
The Arab Image in the Israeli Curriculum


  • Preface: Jewish Constants and Zionist Directions

  • Zionist Root in Israeli Education (1881-1984).

  • Philosophy Behind Israeli Education

  • (1977-1984)

  • Israeli Education 1977-1996

  First Edition 2005 13 $ Pages 206 Studies 40
Sameer Samaan and Others
Human and Economic Conditions of Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza 1998-2002

Section 1   Human and Economic Conditions ( 1998-
     Chapter 1: Economy of the West Bank and Gaza
     Chapter 2: Labor Market in the Occupied
                      Palestinian Territories
     Chapter 3: Health in Palestine, Capabilities and
     Chapter 4: Death Rates in the Palestinian
Section 2  Human and Economic Conditions ( 2000-
                 2002 )

     Chapter 1: Economic Conditions during the
                      Israeli Aggressions
     Chapter 2: Human conditions during the

  First Edition 2002 19.5 $ Pages 229 Studies 39
Ahmad Muslemmani and others
Investment in Jordan: Opportunities and Horizons


  • Jordan and the Investment Environment

  • Available Economic Supplies in Jordan

  • Competition and the Jordanian Economy

  • Investment Opportunities in the New Economy and its Prospects

  • Towards a Jordanian Strategy to Attract Arab and Local Investment.

  First Edition 2002 19.5 $ Pages 374 Symposium  38
Editor: Abdallah Al Taher
The Future of the Palestinian Refugees and those Outside Palestine


  • Palestinians in Arab and Palestinian Politics

  • Dispersed Palestinians (Information, Classifications, and Indicators) in Israeli and International Politics

  • Political, Legal, Economic, and Social Positions of the Dispersed Palestinians in the Arab World.

  • Political, Legal, Economic, and Social Positions of Palestinians in Europe America and Africa

  • Transformations in Political Settlement and International Decisions 1947-1991

  • Dispersed Palestinians in the Middle East Peace Process

  • Arab, International and Israeli Positions and Directions Toward Solving the Palestinian

  First Edition 2002 19.5 $ Pages 1025 Symposium  37
Coordinators: Jawad Al Hamad and Abed Al Fatah Al Rashdan
Intifada: Changing Equations in the Region


  • Preface: Balance in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict  under Al Aqsa Intifada (2001-2000).

  • Variables of the Intifada.

  • Future of Occupation and Palestinian War.

  • Political and Economic Effects  of the Intifada on Israel.

  • The Uprising and the Arab and Islamic Nations.

  • Entering Its Second Year.

  First Edition 2001 9 $ Pages 210 Studies 36
Ibrahim Abu Jaber and others
Impact of WTO Membership and Application of Privatization on Jordanian Development


  • Impact of Membership to the World Trade Organization on Jordan.

  • Application of Privatization.

  • Impact on economic Development.

  First Edition 2001 6.5 $ Pages 300 Symposium  35
Editor: Muhammad Abu Hammour
Arab National Security and the Red Sea


  • The Theory of Arab National Security in Red Sea and its International Context

  • Concept of Arab National Security: Strategic Importance of the Red Sea

  • Geopolitical Role of the Red Sea: Conflicts and Passages

  • Arab National Security: Yemeni-Eritrean Issue

  • Arab National Security in Yemen's Foreign Policy and Red Sea

  • Israeli Strategy Towards the Red Sea

  • Israeli and International Military Presence in the Red Sea and its Impact on Arab Security

  • Future Vision

  First Edition 2001 13 $ Pages 300 Symposium  34
Editor: Ahmad Al Bursan
Political and Cultural Globalization and its Effects on Arab World


  • Political Transformations in the Arab World in the Globalization Era

  • Future of International Relations with the Arab World in the Globalization Era

  • Economic Significance of the Arab World and Jordan in the Globalization Era

  First Edition 2001 10.5 $ Pages 253 Symposium  33
Editor: Ishaq Al Farhan
The Higher Interests of Jordan: Components and Challenges


  • Higher National Interests

  • Jordan Identity and the Higher Interests

  First Edition 2001 5 $ Pages 90 Symposium  32
Editor: Ahamd Al Khalayla
The Palestinian Independent State


  • The Concept of the Palestinian Entity

  • The Independent Palestinian State

  First Edition 2000 6.5 $ Pages 120 Symposium  31
Editor: Ahmad Nofal
Democracy in The Arab World: Challenges and Future Prospects


  • The Democratic Experience in Jordan

  • The Democratic Experience in Kuwait

  • The Democratic Experience in Lebanon

  • The Democratic Experience in Yemen

  • The Democratic Experience in Sudan

  First Edition 2000 8 $ Pages 146 Symposium  30
Editor: Ahmad Al Bursan
Western Positions Towards Political Islam


  • Transformations in Western Relations with Muslims During the 20th Century

  • Western Relations with the Arab World

  • Political Islam: Movements and Governments in dealing with the West

  • Future of Western Relations with Political Islam in the Middle East

  First Edition 2001 9 $ Pages 220 Symposium  29
Editors: Ahmad Al Bursan and Muhammad Saqer
Economic and Humanitarian Situations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip


  • Economic Situations and Possible Opportunities

  • Labor and the Market

  • Health Situation: Capabilities and Challenges

  • Death Averages

  First Edition 1999 9 $ Pages 200 Studies 28
Ahamd Musalamani and Others
Research Centers and their Role in Decision Making in Modern Jordan


  • Role of Research Centers in Decision Making in Modern Jordan

  • Research Centers and their Relations With Civil Society Organizations

  • Role of Research Centers in the Political Decision

  • Jordanian Research Centers and Civil Society Organizations (An Analytical Study)

  First Edition 1999 6.5 $ Pages 118 Studies 27
Jawad Al Hamad and Others
Future of the Civil Society in the Palestinian Self-rule Territories


  • Philosophy of Civil Society: Constituents of Palestinian Self-Rule

  • Relations of the Palestinian Authority with Civil Society Organizations in Palestinian Self-Rule territories: Social and Political Factors

  • Obstructions and Challenges of Civil Society: Indications for Change

  First Edition 1998 9 $ Pages 140 Symposium  26
Editor: Khaleel Darweesh
Gulf Security in the New International System


  • Impact of the International System on the Gulf Region

  • Strategic Significance of the Hurmuz Strait Under the New International System

  • Economic Relations of Gulf States under the Arab-Israeli Peace Process

  • The Security of Gulf States and New International System

  First Edition 1998

6.5 $

Pages 250 Studies 25
Eima Merfi and Others
The Jerusalem Issue and its Future in the 21st Century


  • Conflict for Jerusalem
    Jerusalem: Facts and Events

  • The Judaization Strategy: Zionistic Occupation of Jerusalem

  • Political Future of Jerusalem

  Third  Edition 2002 13 $ Pages 284 Studies 24
Ibraheem Abu Jaber and Others
Economic Summits in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)


  • International Economic Forums

  • Al Dar Al Byda Summit

  • Amman Economic Summit

  • Cairo Economic Summit

  • The Economic Forum and Joint Arab Market

  • Conclusions

  • Tables and Diagrams

  First Edition 1997 6.5 $ Pages 100 Reports 23
Azam Al Barghouthi
The Hebron Agreement: An Example of the Likud  Approach Towards the Final Solution


  • Security Aspects in the Hebron Agreement

  • Civilian and Administrative Arrangements

  • The American Guarantee Referendum

  • Beyond the Hebron Agreement

  • Postponing Redeployment

  • The Agreement and Idea of 'Greater Israel'

  • Hebron Agreement and the Syrian-Israeli Track

  First Edition 1997

6.5 $

Pages 100 Studies 22
Middle East Studies Center
Introduction to the Palestinian Cause


  • Palestinian Geography and its History

  • The Project of the Jewish State and the Palestinian Resistance

  • Arab and Palestinians Facing Israel and Occupation

  • The Political Solution of the Palestinian Cause

  • The History of the Palestinian Cause

  Seventh Edition 2005 19.5 $ Pages 656 Studies 21
Editor: Jawad Al Hamad
The Political Ideology of Hamas Movement


  • Objectives of the Hamas Movement and its Means

  • The Political and Intellectual Thought of Hamas

  • Positions of the Hamas Movement

  • The Political Relations of Hamas

  • Principle Positions of Hamas

  • Hamas Movement: International and Regional Dimensions

  Third Edition 1999 19.5 $ Pages 436 Studies 20
Editors: Eyad Al Barghouthi and Jawad Al Hamad
The Peace Process in the Middle East: Implications of the Palestinian and Jordanian Tracks


  • Peace Process in the Middle East

  • The Palestinian Self-Rule Agreement

  • The Jordanian-Israeli Agreement

  first Edition 1996 6.5 $ Pages 100 Studies 18
Jawad Al Hamad



  First Edition 1996

2.5 $

Pages 60 Studies 17
Middle East Studies Center
The Palestinian National Authority


Chapter 1: Palestinian National Authority  in Gaza  and Jericho Building and Performance
Chapter 2: Human Rights and Freedoms under the PNA  
Chapter 3 :Political Opposition under PNA 
Summary and conclusion

  First Edition 1996 6.5 $ Pages 90 Reporters 16
Middle East Studies Center
American Directions Towards the Middle East


  • US Strategy for Security in the Middle East

  • American State Department Report for 1994: The Middle East Case

  • International Sanctions Against Iraq: American Political Options

  • American Law to Against Terrorism

  First Edition 1995 6.5 $ Pages 200 Studies 15
Jawad Al Hamad
Changes in the International System: Effects on the Middle East


  • Concept of the International System

  • The New International System

  • Possible International System Development: Multiple Polarity Versus Unilateralism

  • New Transformations in the International System: Impact on the Middle East

  • Toward a Prosperous Arab Future under the New International System

  First Edition 1995 6.5 $ Pages 102 Studies 13
Majdi Omar
The Jordanian-Israeli Agreement


  • Jordan and A Political Settlement with Israel in Half A Century

  • Objectives of the Three Parties to Agreement

  • Analysis of the Agreement, Articles and Appendixes

  Second Edition 2000 6.5 $ Pages 200 Studies 12
Muhammad Saqer and Others
Zionist Massacres Against the Palestinian People (1948-2000)


  • The Dir Yaseen Massacre, 10 April 1948

  • Al Dawaima Massacre, 28-29 October 1948

  • The Qebya Massacre, 14 October 1953

  • The Qufr Qassem  Massacre, 29 October 1956

  • The Sabra and Shateela Massacre, 16-18 September 1982

  • The Al Aqsa Mosque Massacre, 18 October 1990

  • Al Haram Al Ebrahimi Massacre in Hebron, 25-February  1994

  • Other Massacres

  Fifth Edition 2000 4 $ Pages 145 Studies 11
Jawad Al Hamad
Arab National Security under Peace with Israel: A Futuristic Perspective


  • The Concept of Arab National Security

  • Dangers to Arab National Security

  • The Big Danger Facing Arab National Security

  • Peace and Arab National Security

  • Conclusions… The Future of Arab National Security

  Second Edition 1999 4 $ Pages 40 Studies 10
Jawad Al Hamad
Political Reflections of the Palestinian Self-Rule Agreement


  • Political Reflection of the Self-Rule Agreement:  The Palestinian level

  • Political Reflection of the Self-Rule Agreement:  The Regional level

  • Political Reflection of the Self-Rule Agreement:  The  International level

  First Edition 1995 4 $ Pages 206 Studies 9
Emad Yousef  and Others
Palestinian Self- Rule Election


  • Evaluations of Former Elections on the West Bank and Gaza

  • Administrative Council of Palestinian Self-Rule: Its  Nature and Jurisdiction

  • Directions of the Palestinian Elections

  • Palestinian Forces and the Self –Rule Election

  First Edition 1994 9 $ Pages 199 Symposium 8
Emad Yousef  and Others
The Dimensions of the Economic Agreement Between Palestine and Israel


  • The Palestinian Economy under Occupation, Dr Mohammad Saqer

  • Analysis of the Palestinian-Israeli Economic Agreement, Dr Bassam Al Saket

  • Arab Economic Relations and the Economic Agreement with Israel, Dr. Tayseer Aber Al Jaber

  • Discussions

  • Articles of the Economic Palestinian –Israeli Agreement

  First Edition 1994 9 $ Pages 90 Symposium 7
Editors: Omar Abed Al Razzaq and Hani Suliman
Multiple and Bilateral Negotiations of Peace in the Middle East ( Possible Scenarios)


  • Structure of the Peace Process

  • Position of the Regional Parties

  • Possible Scenarios for the Bilateral Phase

  • Possible Scenarios for the Multi-lateral Phase

  • Effects of a Breakdown or Peaceful Resolution

  First Edition 1995 8 $ Pages 92 Studies 5
Muhammad Maali and Others
The Future of Peace in the Middle East


  Third Edition 2000

7 $

Pages 217 Studies 4
Jawad Al Hamad
The Future of the Palestinian Intifada: its Role in  Liberation


  • Intifada (Achievements, Facts, Significant Factors)

  • Future of Intifada: its Role in Liberation

  First Edition 1991

3 $

Pages 130 Symposium 3
Shaikh Abed Al Hameed Al Sa'eh and Others
Regional Conference for Peace in the Middle East


  • Principles of Regional Conference: Jurisdiction and Purpose by Salim Al Zanoon

  • Through the International Conference and Regional Conference

  • Participants' Position in the Conference: Conjunctions and Differences

  • Palestinian Representation in the Conference and impact on the Palestinian Cause

  • Perspectives on Jerusalem

  • Perspectives for a Settlement Problem

  • Conference Role for Achieving Stability and Security in the Region

  First Edition 1991 8 $ Pages 352 Studies 2
Jawad Al Hamad and Others
Future of the Middle East: Perspectives and Visions


  • Towards a Joint Arab-Islamic Strategy

  • Palestinian Cause after the Gulf War

  • The International System of the Middle East

  first Edition 1991 3 $ Pages  70 Studies 1
Jawad Al Hamad and Others