The Strategic Report  

It is an informative Strategic report, treating one hot topic . Its area is the Middle East and the related international events. It focuses on the hottest topic in the Middle East at the period of the report. One of the top specialist academics supervises and edits each report. The Report, in general, is supervised scales by an academic committee in included Prof. Farouq Omer Fawzi, Historian; Prof. Moh'd Alwan, International Law; Dr. Ali Al-Shara'a, Political Science; Dr. Moh'd Masalha, Political Science; & Dr. Nitham Barakat, Political Science;.

    Its main audience / target are the University research centers, the concerned people in Middle Eastern events, states, parties, the decision makers in the area and the media in general . It aims to present the event in its proper sequence, accurate and objective information . It can be considered as a primary comprehensive source of information about its Topic. About 6-8 Issues are published annually. The first issue was published on March,1998. As of Jan2005, MESC has published 29 issues.

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