Researches and Studies

    The researches and studies of the center are considered as a distinct pattern in the Arab region and foreign research centers specialized in the Middle Eastern affairs. This is because they concentrate on the political, economic, social and other processes of change and alteration. They consider the current formulas and the affecting factors as well as the possible and expected changes in the future in the short and medium ranges (5-10 years). They are also characterized by commitment to a scientific method in research apart from politically-oriented views and attitudes. This commitment raises the possibility to approach the research from an expectation of accuracy - as the long years of the center’s work have proven .

    In order to meet these conditions, the center carefully and directly supervises the researchers throughout their work period in research according to a work plan agreed upon previously.  These studies are then referred to two or three specialized professors or experts in the field to examine their scientific and academic opinions about the procedure, information, analyses, and researcher's objectivity, and then give the scientific approval for publication.

    Hence, these studies will constitute basic and unique references to enlighten decision-makers, political, social, economic, Arab and Muslim Parties about the constituents and factors, whether current or expected.  Thus, the decision is directed toward the best interest and development of the nation as well as the success of its development.  They also serve in the mechanism of adopting stands in regard to the regional and international variables taking into consideration the impact of these factors.

    The center issues most of its studies in Arabic with some exceptions.  Since Jan 1996, it has begun to offer a long abstracts of the Arabic studies in English at the end of the Arabic edition with a full English translation of the contents. This is to widen and facilitate the benefit of this reset to foreign researchers.

    Politicians, economists, researchers, and scholars in society are considered the main audience of the publications and seminars of the center.  One can note the interest of this segment in following up and seeking to obtain the main publications.

    Over the past years, the studies have dealt with the processes of change in the region after the Gulf War 1991 and their reflections on the Arab - Israeli conflict.  They have also dealt with the changes inside some of the Arab confrontational states, especially in regard to the Palestinian and Jordanian sides.  Changes in the world order, policies of new superpowers and their expected alterations in the next years were also dealt with.  Several studies were conducted by the center on the peace process in the region and the signed agreements and their impacts on the region and the future of its generation. The Arabian Gulf security, The US policies towards the region were also  under study. The Islamic movements' political integration in the Middle East where studied by different politicians and academics. The inter nation to deal alterations with the emerging  violence in regard of terrorism or resistance in the Arab - Islamic World after Sep. 11 2001 were widely & study in the center publications.

41- Jordanians' Aspirations Towards Democratic Life
Arab in the Israeli Public Curricula
39-Human &; Economic Conditions of Palestinians in West Bank &;Gaza 1998-2002 / studies
38- nvestment in Jordan: Opportunities &; Prospects
37- The Future of Palestinian Re fugees &; The Expelled Palestinians
36-Intifada Changes the Conflict Rules / Studies
35- Impacts of WTO &; Privatization on Economic Development in Jordan
34- The Arab National Security in the Red Sea Region
33- The Political &; Cultural Impacts of Globalization on the Arab World
32- Jordan Vital Interests Components &; Challenges
31- Independent Palestinian State
30- Democracy in arab World Challenges &; Future
29- The Western Trends Towards The Political Islam in The Middle East
28- Economic &; Human Conditions in The West Bank &; Gaza (1998-1999) / Studies
27- Research Centers &;Decision - Making Process in Modern Jordan / Studies
26- The Future of The Civil Life in the Palestinian Self - Ruled Territories
23- The Economic Summit for The Middle East &; North Afriqa (MENA) /
22- Hebron Agreement / studies
18- The Peace Process in the Middle East * it's Applications on The Palestinian &; Jordanian Tracks / Studies
14- The Palestinian National Authority in a Year 1994-1995 /
13- The Canges In The World Order * its Impacts on The Middle East / Studies
12-Jordanian - Israeli Peace Treaty Analtical &; Study / Studies
11- In The Human Memory Zionist Massacres Against Palestinian Peaplo 1948-2000
10- The Future of Arab National Security Under The Peace Era With Israel / Studies
7- The Israeli - Palestinian Economical Agreement
5- Bilateral &; Multilatilateral Negotiations for Peace in The Middle East " Scenarios Expected" / Studies
4- The Future of Peace in The Middle East / Studies
3- Palestinian Intifada its Future &; Role in Lebaration
2- Regional Conference For Peace in Middle East
1-Views &; Prospectives on the Existing reality &; Future of the Middle East / Studies