Information Services Archived Documents


    The library contains the main reference books pertaining to research, studies and analyses in the fields of the work of the center.  They are categorized according to the fields of interest to the center, especially the Palestinian Cause, the Arab - Israeli conflict, Jordan, and the issues on the Middle East.  Only researchers working with the center - whether part-timers or full-timers - can make use of it.   The library is still being built and organized.  It will be electronically indexed by the end of  2003. It contains over 2000 references, major books, and journals.

Information Services

The Center provides different sorts of information services, including:

a. Special Reports or files as ordered. (Arabic or English)
b. Special documents of specific topic as ordered. (Arabic or English)
c.Israeli affairs in a Week, Weekly Report.(IAW)
d.The developments of Palestinian Course, Monthly Report (DPC)


Archived Documents

    The center contains documentary archives devoted to the service of the audience and researchers of the center as well as saving important documents and analyses for reference. This information has been categorized in files, each according to its subject. The center is working on electronically putting the index in the archives; a project which should be finished by the end of 2003. The most important resources of the archives are from research centers, published documents, important press analyses, journals and government resources.  It is open to usage for marginal fees paid by the user and according to a program and appointments agreed upon with the division.  The archives are basically in the languages of Arabic, English, Hebrew, and French.  The services of the archives are offered to researchers, scholars, Master’s degree and Ph.D. students, and those working in the humanities, all for marginal fees.

Special discounts are given for this service as follows:

  •  Subscribers: 60 %

  •  Free Members on-line: 50 %

  •  B.A , M.A. & Ph.D. students:  50 %

     These are in addition to any extra costs paid for this service, whether for mail or other purposes .

           To get the full detailed information just write to us