About MESC

@ a Glance

  • The Center was established on March 10, 1991 in Amman the capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

  • It is an independent academic center belonging to the Jordanian private sector, specialized in the study of significant changes in the Middle East regionally and nationally, and also the study of the reflection of international order changes on the Middle East strategically, politically, economically and socially .

  • As of Jan. 2005, the center has issued 95publications, conducted research, and participated in seminars. Its studies are subject to scientific review.  Over 500 researchers in the Middle East, Europe and America have taken part in preparing, editing, and reviewing these studies.

  • The Center has a main library as well as documentary archives with limited services offered to outside researchers.

  • The Center conducts library research, hosts seminars, offers consultation, prepares training and technical training courses, and has broad relationships with fifteen Arab research centers and fifteen international centers.

  • By Jan. 2005, it will have held 29 conferences & scientific seminars in which more than 1100  researchers, scholars, politicians, and economists from Jordan, Arab, and foreign countries have taken part.

  • A team of about 45 full-time and part-time researchers works with MESC.

  • MESC publishes an informative report entitled “The Strategic Report” with 4-6 issues annually.It focuses on the hottest topsic in the Middle East at the same period.

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