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Conferences & seminars

   The Middle East Studies Center holds seminars, scientific research symposiums, and brainstorming sessions on topics concerning the Middle East region and the main influences of change there.  For this purpose, it hosts experts, scholars, politicians and educated leaders from Jordan and abroad. Of Jan 2005, 29 activities of this sort have been held by the center.  The center also participates in scientific conferences and seminars held by Jordanian research centers and universities with one of its specialized researchers in seminars and conferences.  In fact, the center has taken part in more than 45 scientific seminars and conferences inside and outside Jordan, in addition to the center’s academic visits to research and studies centers in Jordan and many other countries, such as Russia, Germany, Canada, Britain, the United States, France, Emarates, Lebanon, Qatar, Sudan, Saudi Arabia,Tunis, Egypt and others.  During such visits and participation, the center has persisted in building academic relations with different centers and establishments of research and studies, whether in research cooperation or coordination or exchanging publications and visits.

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The StrategicReport

  It is an informative Strategic report, treating one hot topic . Its area is the Middle East and the related international events. It is prepared by team of research assistants of political, economic, law and social fields . One of the top specialist academics supervises and edits each report.

    Its main audience / target are the University research centers, the concerned people in Middle Eastern events, states, parties, the decision makers in the area and the media in general . It aims to present the event in its proper sequence, accurate and objective information . It can be considered a primary comprehensive source of information about its Topic. As of Jan 2005, 29  Strategic Reports have been issued.

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  The Newsletter

    The newsletter is a non-regular bulletin issued by the center with limited distribution to fellows, members, friends, subscribers, employees, and cooperating academic establishments.

    Its intent is to inform these readers about the activities, work, and programs of the center and present a brief report on the activities occurring between publication of each two volumes.  Mention is also made in the bulletin about the activities which the center intends to accomplish in the coming period.

Training Course

    MESC has the potential and experience  to perform training courses . Many distinctive academics :
 Jordanians , Arabs and even Europeans or Americans are ready to run their experience in the field of the course . At the same level MESC has a strong contact with many training institutions which are willing to cooperate . The main courses are: 

  1. Mass media communications & Public Opinion Polls.
  2. Hebrew Language (Reading, Writing and Speaking) with levels.
  3. Israeli studies course.
  4. The art of Political analysis there levels .
  5. Research Skills Training
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