Top Authors From The List

  • The Jordanian - Israeli Treaty ... analytical study
  • Mohammad Saker, PHD., Economics,  University of Jordan.
  • Jawad El-Hamad, MESC, Director G.
  • Emad Yousef, Political Science, Jordan.
  • Hani Sulaiman, MESC.
  • Majdi Omar,PHD, Part time researcher, MESC, Jordan.
  • Osama Mahmoud, Political Science, Jordan.
    • Economic and Humanitarian Conditions in the West Bank and Gaza Strip (1998-1999)
      • Ahmad Maslamani, Physician and Director of the committees of summer work in West Bank & Gaza, Palestine.
      • Omran Subh, Ph.D., Political Economics, Jerusalem open University,Palestine.
      • Maha Abdal hahdi, a researcher in Al-Najah office for Journalism & media services, Palestine.
      • Osama Al-Dabbagh, Ph.D., Economics, University of Jordan.
      • Bashir Al-Zubi, Ph.D., Economics, University of Jordan.
      • Adnan Al-Jaljouli, Ph.D., Jordan's Former Health Minister, Jordan.
  • Israeli Nuclear Capabilities: The Strategic Threat to Security and Peace in the Middle East.
  • Mahmoud Azmi, Expert in Israeli nuclear weapons, Egypt.
  • Mahmoud Ali, PHD., political science, Applied Science University.
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    Teams Of Specialists (Under Construction)

        Tasks and Characteristics of Teams of Specialists at MESC

    1. The team is comprised only of specialists in the field.
    2. Each team consists of a maximum of 7 researchers from Jordan and 3 to 4 researchers from outside Jordan.
    3. The team is the main technical reference for the center for researches and seminars in the specialized field.
    4. Each team efficiently contributes to preparing and reviewing the center’s work plan in its academic specialty.
    5. Priority of reviewing, writing, and scientific editing is followed by team members of certain specialties in return for rewards assigned according to the research and contribution size.
    6. Team members are Considered part-time researchers at the center. The center presents them in this capacity and they have the right to present themselves as such.  Visit cards are made by the center for their usage in the academic medium.
    7. The center assigns members of different teams to prepare worksheets or attend the academic conferences to which the center is invited. They are assigned as researchers at the center with their financial and literary rights reserved.
    8. MESC Teams of part-timers are formed at the center as follows:
      •  Team of researchers in political, information, and diplomatic fields
      •  Team of researchers in the economic field.
      •  Team of researchers in the fields of social science, philosophy



        and sharia (Islamic law).

      •  Team of researchers in the legal field.
      •  Team of researchers in the fields of education and psychology.
      •  Team of researchers in the strategic and security fields.
      •  Team of Israeli studies.
      •  Team of researchers in other various fields.
      •  Specialized team in translation and language editing (Arabic, English, Hebrew, and French ).
      •  Team of trainers in the courses or workshops performed by the center in different fields.